By Lewis Henry Morgan

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Lewis Henry Morgan studied the yank Indian lifestyle and picked up a massive volume of real fabric at the background of primitive-communal society. the entire conclusions he attracts are in line with those proof; the place he lacks them, he purposes again at the foundation of the information to be had to him. He decided the periodization of primitive society via linking all the sessions with the advance of creation ideas. The “great series of innovations and discoveries;” and the background of associations, with every one of its 3 branches — family members, estate and executive — represent the development made by means of human society from its earliest phases to the start of civilization. Mankind won this growth via 'the sluggish evolution in their psychological and ethical powers via event, and in their protracted fight with opposing hindrances whereas profitable their method to civilization.'

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This last fact was also true in general of the Polynesians. The introthe ceramic art produced a new epoch in progress in the direction of an improved living and increased domestic conveniences. While flint and which came in earlier and required stone implements long periods of time to develop all their uses gave the canoe, wooden vessels and utensils, and ultimately timber and plank in house architecture, 8 pottery gave a durable vessel for boiling food, which before that had been rudely accomplished in baskets coated with clay, and in duction of human 1 Pottery has been found in aboriginal mounds in Oregon within a few years past.

II. Fish Subsistence. In fish must be recognized the first kind of artificial it was not fully available without cooking. food, because Fire was first utilized, not unlikely, for this purpose. Fish were universal in distribution, unlimited in supply, and the only kind of food at all times attainable. The cereals in the primitive period were still unknown, if in fact they existed, and the hunt for game was too precarious ever to have formed an exclusive means of hu*man support. Upon this species of food mankind became independent of climate and of locality and by following the shores of the seas and lakes, and the courses of the rivers could, while in the savage state, spread themselves over the greater portion of the earth's surface.

11, p. 41. ANCIENT SOCIETY &4 power. Whether the cultivation of such plants as the pea, bean, turnip, parsnip, beet, squash and melon, one or more of them, preceded the cultivation of the cereals, we have at present no means of knowing. Some of these have common terms in Greek and Latin; but I am assured by our eminent philologist, Prof. W. D. Whitney, that neither of them has a common term in Greek or Latin and Sanskrit. Horticulture seems to have originated more in the necessities of the domestic animals than in those of man- In the Western hemisphere it commenced with This new era, although not synchronous in the two hemispheres, had immense influence upon the destiny of mankind.

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