By Michelle M. Le Beau, Janet D. Rowley (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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Rowley, unpublished observations). Thus, it may be lethal in all cells except granulocytes. The 15;17 Translocation in Acute Pro myelocytic Leukemia (APL- M3) A structural rearrangement involving the long arms of chromosomes 15 and 17 in APL (M3) was first recognized by Rowley et al. (1977). For many years, the precise breakpoints involved in this translocation were controversial; however, recently, with the use of elongated chromosomes, the rearrangement has been defined as t(15;17)(q22;q21) (Fig.

1982) characterized the morphological and ultrastructural features of this leukemia as consisting of mixed monocytic and lymphoid cell populations with lymphoid-appearing blasts that ultrastructurally and cytochemically may manifest myeloid markers. These findings led these authors to suggest that the t(4;11)-associated acute leukemia represents a proliferation of an early myeloid progenitor cell. Near-Haploid ALL The occurrence in ALL of leukemic cells with a near-haploid number of chromosomes is rare; seven such cases have been reported (Rowley and Testa, 1982).

Right: Schematic drawing of the breakpoints and the typical pattern of chromosome exchange observed in the complex variants affecting each of these translocations. The other chromosome involved in these complex rearrangements is variable. For each type of leukemia, the rearranged chromosome that is consistently involved in both the simple and complex translocations is enclosed in a box. ] Chromosomal Localization of Cellular Oncogenes One of the most exciting revelations in the past year has involved the cellular oncogenes and their chromosomal location.

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