By Glen Keane

ISBN-10: 1555130909

ISBN-13: 9781555130909

Для детей, начинающих изучать английский язык, детская книга для самостоятельного чтения. История маленького енота Адама, покинувшего родной дом ради своей мечты - выступления в цирке. Но быть звездой цирка всегда - невозможно, и вот, енот решается на побег... каким будет его возвращение домой?

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Meg said suspiciously. "Hey, Meggy, let's put our heads together on this mystery. I could help you out. For instance, the old outhouse, where Cramps keeps his gardening stuff now. I bet that has something to do with it. " 30 "I'd already thought of that," Meg said to herself, "but I'd better not wait until tomorrow to check it out. " When she thought that Cramps and Peter were safely asleep, she pulled her raincoat and boots over her pajamas and tiptoed outside. The air was cool and the ground still damp from rain.

Spoon. "This could lead anywhere! " Meg tried not to panic. She took out the old photo of Cramps and Alice that had started her on this investigation and reread Alice's letter and clues. Peter had been upstairs and down, rummaging through all sorts of old stuff. Was he really onto something and she the one off the track? 40 Meg was determined to solve the mystery. And as she stared at the photo and clue, it all fell into place. WHAT WAS THE ANSWER? 41 Meg ran to her bedroom. Safely tucked under the covers was the old stuffed animal that had once belonged to Cramps.

He woke with a start. "I must be dreaming. My baseball? " "It is," said Meg. " Peter burst in. "It's my Babe Ruth baseball, long lost, and now Meg has found it," Cramps said with a big grin. "That's right," said Meg. "Alice hid the ball in your old toy dog. With all that hard stuffing, no one ever noticed. " "Amazing," said Cramps. "Amazing all right," grumbled Peter. " Cramps winked at Meg. "Maybe this will help you remember. It's a note from you-know-who," Meg said, winking back. 44 45 "Not too long," said Cramps.

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Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master by Glen Keane

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